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Roane State Community College

Move Forward. Don't delay your future! Apply now! Register for online or traditional classes.Move Forward. Don't delay your future! Apply now!. Register for online or traditional classes.
Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.Tennessee Reconnect and Promise. Graduating high school seniors can attend tuition-free. Free tuition for adults.
Online degrees available. Choose from seven completely online programs.Online degrees available. Choose from seven completely online programs.


Important Dates & Events
Starting Date Ending Date Event?
  01/06/2023 Y Princess Theatre: End of the Line - Allman Brothers Tribute
01/06/2023 01/08/2023 Y Expo Center: Oak Ridge Kennel Club Agility Trials
  01/14/2023 Y Expo Center: TN S3DA Scholastic Archery Assoc
  01/16/2023   Martin Luther King holiday
  01/17/2023   Spring classes begin
  01/27/2023   Graduation applications for spring due
  01/30/2023   Last day to drop without W grade (full-term)
02/03/2023 02/05/2023 Y Expo Center: TN Valley Kennel Club - Agility
02/10/2023 02/12/2023 Y Expo Center: East TN Cutting Horse Assn.
  02/11/2023 Y Princess Theatre: The Purple Madness - A Prince Tribute Band
02/13/2023 02/17/2023 Y Roane County campus tours begin
  02/23/2023 Y Virtual FAFSA Completion Workshop
02/24/2023 02/25/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Robin Hood and His Merry Men
  02/28/2023 Y “Inseparable: Oak Ridge History and the Manhattan Project” Lecture
  03/02/2023 Y RSCC Music Student Solo Class Mid-Term Recital
03/03/2023 03/04/2023 Y Expo Center: JR Drake Rodeo
03/03/2023 03/07/2023 Y Region 7 Basketball Tournament
03/06/2023 03/12/2023   Spring Break
03/09/2023 03/12/2023 Y Expo Center: TQHA Celebration
  03/18/2023 Y Dressed to Kill KISS Tribute Concert
  03/25/2023 Y Princess Theatre: RSCC Film Festival
  03/27/2023   Last day to withdraw from classes (full-term)
  03/31/2023 Y Arts and Lectures: “History of Harriman,” free admission
  04/03/2023   Registration for summer & fall begins
  04/07/2023   Good Friday holiday
  04/08/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Roane Jamboree
04/14/2023 04/15/2023 Y O'Brien Theatre: The Miracle Worker (RSCC Playmakers)
04/21/2023 04/22/2023 Y Expo Center: 4H Clover Classic
04/21/2023 04/23/2023 Y O'Brien Theatre: The Miracle Worker (RSCC Playmakers)
  04/29/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Chi-Town Transit Authority
04/29/2023 04/30/2023 Y Expo Center: Peach State Miniature Horse Club
  05/01/2023   Last day of classes (full-term)
05/02/2023 05/04/2023   Exam period for full-term classes
  05/05/2023 Y Princess Theatre: World Turning: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
05/05/2023 05/06/2023   Graduation ceremonies
  05/07/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Roane Choral 50 Year Celebration
  05/29/2023   Memorial Day holiday
  06/05/2023   Classes begin, summer full term
06/15/2023 06/18/2023 Y TQHA Dogwood Classic
  06/19/2023   Juneteenth holiday
  07/04/2023   Fourth of July holiday
07/07/2023 07/08/2023 Y American Gaited Mule Show
07/20/2023 07/23/2023 Y North American Saddle Mule Donkey Association
  07/31/2023   Last day of classes, summer full term
  08/04/2023 Y Princess Theatre: "Pickleball Princess" Movie Premiere
  08/05/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Face Value, A Tribute to Phil Collins
  08/05/2023 Y Expo Center: Barrel Race
  08/08/2023 Y New Student Experience: Oak Ridge
  08/09/2023 Y Fall Convocation
  08/10/2023 Y New Student Experience: Roane County
  08/11/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Nick Hickman Concert
08/12/2023 08/13/2023 Y Expo Center: Jesse Adcock Memorial
  08/16/2023   Classes begin, fall semester
08/18/2023 08/19/2023 Y Volleyball: E2 Sports Raider Classic
  08/19/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Allman Brothers Tribute
08/18/2023 08/20/2023 Y Expo Center: South East Ranch Horse Series
  08/29/2023   Last day to drop without a grade of "W"
09/01/2023 09/03/2023 Y Expo Center: ETCHA
  09/04/2023   Labor Day holiday
  09/14/2023 Y Constitution Day - Oak Ridge Campus
09/15/2023 09/16/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Roane County Children's Theatre Fall Production
  09/16/2023 Y Expo Center: NBHA
09/16/2023 09/17/2023 Y Expo Center: SERHS Cow Clinic
  09/23/2023 Y Oak Ridge: Street Painting Festival
  09/28/2023 Y Harriman: RSCC Ping Pong Tournament
  09/29/2023   Graduation applications for fall due
09/29/2023 09/30/2023 Y Expo Center: JR N Spurs Invitational Rodeo
  10/04/2023 Y Expo Center: Roane County Farm Day (private event)
10/07/2023 10/08/2023 Y Expo Center: Oak Ridge Kennel Club
10/9/2023 10/15/2023   Fall break
  10/13/2023 Y Princess Theatre: The RhythMatics Concert
10/13/2023 10/14/2023 Y Expo Center: Three Rivers Antique Tractor Show
10/16/2023 10/19/2023 Y Fall Fest 2023
  10/21/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Movie Night & Costume Parade
10/20/2023 10/22/2023 Y Expo Center: SERHS
  10/24/2023 Y Trunk or Treat (Roane County Campus)
  10/25/2023 Y Arts & Lectures: Historical Horror (Oak Ridge Campus)
  10/27/2023   Last day to withdraw from classes
  10/31/2023 Y Halloween Costume Contest (All Campuses)
  11/06/2023   Registration for spring begins
  11/09/2023 Y Long Night Against Procrastination (Oak Ridge Campus)
  11/10/2023 Y Veterans Day Commemoration: Veteran Wave
  11/15/2023 Y Turkey Day (Roane County Campus)
  11/16/2023 Y Friendsgiving (Oak Ridge Campus)
  11/16/2023 Y Movie Night: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
11/16/2023 11/19/2023 Y Playmakers: They Promised Her the Moon
  11/18/2023 Y Athletics Hall of Fame & All-Sports Alumni Event
  11/18/2023 Y Expo Center: NBHA
  11/20/2023 Y Roane County's Lighting of the Tree
  11/21/2023 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
11/22/2023 11/26/2023   Thanksgiving holiday (no classes)
  11/30/2023 Y Movie Night: Mickey's Christmas Carol
11/30/2023 12/03/2023 Y Expo Center: TQHA Hillbilly Classic
  12/01/2023   Last day to register for Winter Term
  12/04/2023   Last day of classes
  12/05/2023 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
12/05/2023 12/07/2023   Exam period
  12/08/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Babahatchie Band
12/08/2023 12/10/2023 Y Expo Center: TN Valley Kennel Club
  12/09/2023 Y Princess Theatre: Merry Tuba Christmas
  12/10/2023 Y Princess Theatre: James Gregory
  12/11/2023   Winter Term classes begin
  12/11/2023   Parent/Family Webinar: Tutoring & Learning Center
  12/12/2023 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  12/23/2023 Y Movie Night: It's a Wonderful Life
  12/25/2023   Christmas holiday
  12/31/2023 Y Princess Theatre: New Year's Eve Concert
  01/01/2024   New Year's holiday
  01/02/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
01/05/2024 01/07/2024 Y Expo Center: Oak Ridge Kennel Club
  01/09/2024 Y Art Gallery: Theresa Lee Exhibit Closing Reception
  01/09/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  01/11/2024   Webinar: Parent/Family Portal
  01/12/2024   Last day of Winter Term classes
  01/15/2024   Martin Luther King holiday
  01/16/2024   Spring classes begin
01/19/2024 01/21/2024 Y Expo Center: BattleLands USA
  01/26/2024   Graduation applications for spring due
  01/29/2024   Last day to drop without a W grade (full-term)
  01/30/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  02/02/2024 Y Movie Night: The Princess Bride
02/02/2024 02/04/2024 Y Expo Center: TN Valley Kennel Club-Agility
02/09/2024 02/11/2024 Y Expo Center: East TN Cutting Horse Association
  02/12/2024 Y Observatory: Public Stargaze
  02/13/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
02/16/2024 02/17/2024 Y Princess Theatre: Roane County Children's Theatre Production
02/17/2024 02/18/2024 Y Expo Center: Great Pages Circus
  02/19/2024 Y Cabin Fever 4H Horse Clinic
  02/20/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  02/24/2024 Y Princess Theatre: Eagles Tribute Concert
02/24/2024 02/25/2024 Y Expo Center: SERHS Clinic
  02/27/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  03/01/2024 Y Princess Theatre: A Salute to Conway & Loretta
03/01/2024 03/02/2024 Y Expo Center: JR Drake Rodeo
  03/03/2024 Y Princess Theatre: Roane Choral Society Concert
03/04/2024 03/10/2024   Spring Break
  03/05/2024 Y Expo Center: Open Ride
  03/11/2024 Y Observatory: Public Stargaze
  03/14/2024 Y The Future of Work Symposium
  03/22/2024   Academic Festival
  03/23/2024 Y Movie Night at the Princess: Peter Rabbit
  03/27/2024   Last day to withdraw from classes (full-term)
  03/29/2024   Good Friday holiday
  03/29/2024   Graduation applications for summer due
  03/30/2024 Y Princess Theatre: Bon Jovi Tribute Concert
  04/01/2024   Registration for summer & fall begins
  04/13/2024 Y Observatory: Public Stargaze
  04/18/2024 Y Movie Night: To Catch a Thief
  04/20/2024 Y Princess Theatre: Poison Tribute Concert
  05/02/2024   Last day of classes (full-term)
05/03/2024 05/04/2024   Graduation ceremonies
  05/05/2024 Y Observatory: Public Meteor Stargaze
  05/06/2024   Maymester classes begin
  05/11/2024 Y Observatory: Public Meteor Stargaze
  05/24/2024   Last day of Maymester classes
  06/03/2024   Summer full-term classes begin
  07/04/2024   Fourth of July holiday
  07/10/2024   Last day to withdraw, summer full term
  07/29/2024   Last day of classes, summer full term

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The SOAR Awards: Community College of the YearThe SOAR Awards: Community College of the Year
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Wherever you are, we are

Roane State is proud to have campuses in each of our service area counties.

We also bring college instruction to over 30 area high schools. Additionally, Middle College is a way for high school students to earn a degree and a diploma at the same time.

If you prefer to go to class online, we offer that too. Providing convenient access to higher learning is one of our most important missions.

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Transfer ready

Roane State's graduates have transferred to colleges and universities in almost every state, and are well-known for being academically prepared for transfer.

Whether you want to transfer in-state to colleges such as Tennessee Tech or the University of Tennessee – or even venture out-of-state to places such as Purdue or Virginia – our exceptional faculty will help you succeed.

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A global reach

Roane State has abundant opportunities for global interaction and education.

Indicates those residents who have studied at Roane State within the last ten years, and also past and present study-abroad locations.  See List

Has Travelled From:
  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • China
  • Columbia
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Gambia
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • India
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  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands
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  • Russia
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  • South Korea
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  • Barbados
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  • England
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Roane State: a place for growth

Southwest Field Trip Students

“I was so alive those three weeks. My soul... the freedom... I just felt like I was really living, not just existing.”

Haley Russell, on the
Southwest Field Trip Course
Course Numbers: SSC 211 and MSC 261

Visit the SWFT website!

Roane State: a place to succeed

Student with Success Coach

“I was really nervous about the college admissions, financial aid, and class registration process. However, my Success Coach, Sue Niemi, made all those processes very easy and accessible. Working with my Success Coach created feelings of comfort, inclusion, and belonging, which overall guided my college career in a positive direction!”

Jason Wasilewski

More about Success Coaches

Roane State: a place for results

Photo of the President's Award Winner

“I was beyond shocked when my name was called. Being so young, and the only Middle College student up on stage, I felt as if I didn’t have a chance. It’s an honor to be presented this award because of how hard I worked. I chose pharmacy to help others through my prior experiences. I will always be grateful for the opportunities Middle College allowed me. In two years, I’ve obtained over 80 hours to get my prerequisites for pharmacy.”

Leah Cobble
Winner of the President’s Award, Roane State’s highest student honor
Read more about Leah

Over 90% Job Placement

Our programs lead to jobs in the fields that interest you. Transferring to a university instead? Our academic programs vigorously prepare you for your continued academic career.

16:1 Student to Faculty

Big, 200-student classes where you are afraid to ask a question? Not our style. Our professors will work with you one-on-one and know you on a first-name basis.

$14 million Scholarships & Grants
Awarded Last Year

You may be able to take advantage of Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect, book scholarships or many other opportunities.

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